HELLOOOO~~~~!!!!!!! *coughs from shouting too much*

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  1. Haha lol jks!!! I am a new user to this particular site but not new to RPing at all!!!! I have been doing it for around..... 5 years I believe~? Yeah so not really that new to it and yeah~! I hope to make loads of new friends and make myself really at home here!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Ichigo! gawd I don't know what to said but hope you enjoy your stay in here :D~! [your name making me want to eat strawberries now lol XD~!]
  3. *laughs* thanks big bro hurts you didn't recognise me straight away~!!!
  4. I was afraid to get the wrong person! forgive me :(~! *hides in the corner*
  5. Hey! I'm new as well, ive been rp'ing for about 4 years on the same site, so this is all new too me too..


  6. Wow then you're my senpai then~! *bows*
  7. *waves*
    Welcome! I home you have fun here ^_^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.