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  1. Sooo, I am new to this site but not new to Role Playing, I love to Role Play and want to do it more! XD

    Sadly, I don't know where to start XD So I thought I'd just post this and people can find me! So hah :D

    Flare is my nickname because it's how I sign artwork and is much easier to pronounce for English speakers than my full name XD I am half Arabic and half Cypriot so I speak three languages (though my Arabic is iffy) and shockingly female XP

    I would like to join some group Roleplays asap! Preferably something with cool powers where my characters can cause trouble by starting lots of fights, and if they can get entangled in a complicated romance in the mean time I wouldn't mind that much either XD

    About me? I'm into sports, especially contact and extreme sports, practice boxing and love videogames. I have a very specific taste in music, I only listen to genres of rock and to clasical, almost exclusively XD I love talking to people (or just talking, I seem to love talking) and look forward to joining some new RPs X)
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  2. Hello, I am New Too, I am Lucifer Nice to meet you, May Our Paths cross and if your ever looking for an RPer, I am the person for the Job.


    Peace, Love War
  3. Lucifer? Damn dude that is an intimidating name! Way more scary than something like, oh I dunno, Cerulean? XD
  4. Oh hi! Welcome~!

    My name's Zipperr, but I go by Purp and Jelly as well.

    I'm not new, but I'm returning after months of being gone. :P

    Anyway, I saw what you were looking for in a roleplay. I just joined this one roleplay that sounds fitting a bit to your tastes.

    Neo Genesis

    I hope that gets you a start here. Enjoy your stay~!
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  5. Says the anime girl.
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, @Flareanthia! I guess I'll promote a role-play real quick, shamelessly might I add. If you're looking for a role-play where you can have cool abilities and be a little brat starting fights with others, go ahead and check out Naruto AU : Rise of the New Generation! I think the title explains itself pretty well. You might even get a romance out of it ;p

    Or check the role-play @Purpisoful has suggested, and if neither interests you, I'd suggest looking through the group role-playing section. Hopefully you find something that interests you, and I hope you have a wonderful time here at Iwaku. Take care! ^^
  7. Nice to have you join us! Hope to see you around :D

  8. Heh I needed a profile pic quick, will probably draw a new one for Iwaku if I can get off my butt soon XD

    But oh my gosh guys thank you! I am checking out both the RPs you guys suggested now, hopefully will be able to join one asap XD

    So thanks for the suggestions! And Esthalia? Awesome gif XD
  9. Welcome to Iwaku, I hope u enjoy your stay, and sorry about such a late post. ive been gone for a while, but i like to post on new arrivals if im not in mid rp. so, here i am ^_^ if you ever have any questions or would like to just chat or possibly discuss and rp, please feel free to message me anytime!

    your intro was bubbly and fun to read, it even put its own voice into the readers head it had so much personality. i have a feeling that you will be a great fit here in Iwaku. We're happy to have you!
  10. Heh! Thanks Draaaake~! Awesome name by the way! "Vampirion", supper cool! XP

    But I hope you know, you've now oppened yourself up to a whole torrent of PM's Muahahahahahahah!!! >XD
  11. Hai I'm Kuroka give me a shout sometime if you wanna rp ^_^
  12. Thanks K I will! XD
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