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  1. Hello people and other mythical creatures that have their household here. There is nothing more or less interesting in knowing me. I am a simple, quite yet with a disturbing mind, creatures who enjoy the night more than the day. I know how to "read" in the tarot cards (a small hobby of mine beside others things), I love to amaze people and even animals (I have a cat which is more like the devil himself). I used to roleplay in the past, but with the exam for the university entrence I started to be more and more like a neanderthal, everything went fine so now I am free, somehow.
    Is my pleasure to be here, I heard a lot about this site.
    Again Hello ! And my pleasure to meet you all :beret:
  2. woo i am first

    Welcome to this wonderful roleplay land deary
    hope you enjoy yourself don't get eaten
    *gives cookies * ^_^
  3. Haha thank you :)
    -takes cookies-
    I will try my best :)
  4. Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here, it seems like you will :)
  5. Welcome to iwaku! Hope you have fun here ^_^


    Just remember, no one is crazy here! We're all just mad.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.