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  1. Hi there. I go by Chaelin (brownie points if you know who that is)

    I am a girl.

    Nineteen years young xD

    I am used to roleplaying on this writing site called wattpad but I think I have roleplayed with everyone on there. It has been an eventful three years

    I do group roleplays and 1 x 1 as well.

    My current love is kpop and I love characters from other countries. I love diversity.
  2. Well I welcome you to Iwaku. I hope you enjoy your time here!
  3. Thank you so much.

    I am really excited to join this site.

    I am utterly confused though.
  4. Anything in particular you need help with?
  5. I am unsure on how to join roleplaying groups. But after I figure that out, everything else should be easy for me.

    Thank you again in advance!
  6. So what you could do is start here >>> Interest Check
    You will probably find some awesome Rp ideas there that might interest you.

    Then You could go here >>>>>Group Roleplays
    You could search around and find something you may like. To join them you may want to pm the creator of the Rp to see if it's open and most importantly see what you need to do to join. Most of the time its put up a Cs and wait for approval but some people have special guide lines.

    Hope this helps lol
  7. Oh thank you (for the third time xD) I think I'll be getting the hang of this soon.
  8. Lol your fine, if you need anymore help just let me know. Also again welcome to Iwaku.
  9. Hallo Chaelin! ^o^ Welcome aboard!
  10. Hey, welcome to Iwaku
    Hope you find some great times
    feel free to pm me whenever
  11. Hi and thank you. I'll be sure to PM you sometime.
  12. Welcome :D

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  13. Thank you! ^^ That is my favorite 2ne1 song