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  1. I probably should've made this post six days ago when I was fresh out the newbie bin, but making this post didn't really cross my mind until now.

    So, hello! I'm ravenDivinity. You can call me Raven if you want. Fun facts:
    • I've already involved myself in two roleplays, Indigo (I run Indigo, links are in my signature) and A City Betwixt (Run by a friend).
    • You didn't hear it from me, but I'm a boy-dude who likes boy-dudes.
    • I'm actually not new to roleplaying, but I am new to Iwaku.
    • Sugar is my favorite thing in the world. I crave that mineral.
    Nice to meet you all, and it's my pleasure to be here.
  2. Well, here's to a late greetings! Welcome to Iwaku! We're glad to have you ^^
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  3. Well hi there, Raven! :D Officially hello and welcome to the site!
  4. @Diana: Thank you!! I'm enjoying Iwaku for the most part so far. There are things I don't like, as with all things, but I think it's a good site.
  5. Hopefully those things you don't like are things that are fixable and/or ignorable! XD I am glad you like it for the most part, though!
  6. Oh, yes, they are! They're just minor things, though.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.