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  1. Hello Iwaku, well I guess I should introduce myself, I am Child Of God, perplexingly about my name, i'm pagan than christian

    Name: *Unknown* "Child of God"
    age: *Unknown*
    Sex: Presumably male.
    height:8 ft , 9½in
    weight: *unknown* Slim build.
    Personality: Child of God is quiet and seems very passive until called upon. He tends to be calm in the face of death and never shows an ounce of fear. He tends to mutter obscenities in Latin under his breath and talks either in the language of the church (Even though being excommunicated and denounced by the pope himself), or in riddles. once called upon he will be aggressive and dominant.

    Sexuality: Asexual ( Seems only to use gender to differentiate between male and female)

    Biography: (Not much is known about child of god, all that remains of his recorded life is one statement from a bishop) "Our Bishop went to seminary with the man whose name no one speaks any longer and whose records no longer exist in the church, but according to our Bishop, this man was different. He isn’t even quite sure how he was accepted into seminary because he was so quiet and indifferent to preaching. Though he did exceedingly well in his studies, he never seemed fit to lead a parish or even assist in one for that matter. He also had no friends the entire time he was in school. People tried to talk to him, tried to befriend him, but he would never allow anyone to get close to him. No one was quite sure what his reason for being in seminary was, but he stayed the course. Only until the last year of seminary did people start talking poorly of him, saying he shouldn’t be there and he couldn’t offer anything to the church, and he was consequently spoken to by the elders. Now, our Bishop didn’t see what had happened, but the rumor was that after so many warnings by the elders of the seminary, this man apparently mutilated himself and possibly tried to commit suicide. Someone found his unconscious body in the men’s restroom and he was carried to the hospital by paramedics. Shortly thereafter, he was expelled from the seminary and excommunicated from the Catholic church because of his reasoning for his behavior. Some also say that he was actually pronounced dead on the school grounds but was later revived without the intervention of any medical equipment or personnel. Though this man no longer has any record or affiliation with the church, our Bishop says that some still call upon him and his brother to hunt demons that they would be unable to exorcise due to the rigorous constraints of our protocol. In all the twenty years I've been here working with our Bishop, this is the first I've heard of these men"
  2. Welcome! Enjoy your stay at Iwaku.
  3. Well hi there! :D Welcome to the community! I hope you have a fun time here. >:3
  4. Oh how interesting Latin
  5. Ave' heh, i know a bit of latin, mostly i had to learn it from school XD
  6. I learned it from the hospitals library
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Child of God! ^ ^ Enjoy your stay and don't be shy~
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