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  1. Hello! I just discovered the wonderful world of roleplaying. I came from the website nanowrimo where i played my first roleplay. That was where i was recommened this website. :) I love to write and hope to be an author one day and an animator (i love to do all sorts of art), i came up with a rough idea for a character and i began to flesh her out with roleplaying. I fell in love with it and wanted to develop more characters and worlds. Its wonderful to meet you all!
  2. I was also wondering where to start for a fantasy roleplay? I have an obession with fantasy stories :)
  3. Ah welcome to the site! *smiles bright* I hope to be friends! (I wanna be an animator to I love all kinds of art and I finished my first book last year)
  4. Nice to meet you! Thats fantastic! Whats your book called?
  5. It is called At The Edge.
  6. awesome! :) are you trying to get it published?
  7. Yes I want to publish it but right now I'm going over it to see if I'm really done or if something needs to be changed :)
  8. Cool! thats what im focusing on for the one im writing, im rewriting it one more time and sending it to a few friends to review it. Here im hoping to improve my writing, and its just fun to roleplay. But i bit overwhelmed and confused by everything. How do i set up a small roleplay for a handful of people or how do i join a small group like that? Whats your favorite type of roleplay?
  9. Welcome to Iwaku, Moonlight!~ Really hope you enjoy your stay here!
  10. Thank you! :)
  11. Welcome! If you are looking for a Fantasy RolePlay, head on over to my page and get the link from my postings and I'd be glad to have you in Tear of the Soul. Hope to see your book on the shelves soon (I'm also writing a book, but I've jumped back to rewrite it.)
  12. Hi there Moonlight, welcome to the site! :D You can start or join a group roleplay int he Group Roleplay section. There's a list of genre categories in there!