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Hello everyone im new here but i hope to have an awesome time hopefully i get along with everyone on here but its great to be here anyways so WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!
If anyone knows any good fantasy rp i would like to joint hat o.o
Also for anyone who likes an rp based on an anime that would be fun too
Im only postinmg so much to get that five post thing done with but seriously if anyone has a good rp idea id love to listen
Im pretty sure this is the final post so....yeahhh
Well, you could always check out Sign Ups or Jump Ins. There are normally something fantasy related there. You might find something you like.
Welcome to Iwaku.
Welcome to the site! I remember back when I first joined a RP site I spammed my intro thread 5 times, too...wow seems like forever ago. You should go check out our general section, great place to post and meet people. Also, our Fantasy forum is always full of new games, so many that it is easy to find ones that have just started. Let us know if you need anything : )

Edit: Check here too. I know a Pokemon based game is about to start, not sure if that is the kind of Anime you are into...But check the sign up thread anyway, lots of cool games still in the plotting phase.
Hi there, more clever than a spambot newbie! 8D Welcome to the community!
Hi there and welcome to Iwaku.
I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.
The others have prodded you in the right direction already, so you should follow their links and advice!

If you need any help ,please do ask.
Yes, I remember October's spamming days really well. I got onto him about that. :P

Anyway, welcome to the Iwaku, Asureblade. :D!
*tips hat* I am Loki and will be glad to help with anything that you need help with. ^^
Other than that, just have fun and don't be a stranger!
Hi Asura! Looks like people already started pointing you in the right direction for rps. There's definitely anime and fantasy ones. Just check the roleplay talk forums!