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  1. Hello my fellow roleplayers! I am new to the site, yet not new to the roleplaying game!

    I started originally on Myspace many a year ago, then moved onto Roleplayerguild about ~4 years ago. However, as the site has been going down and AWOL I've decided to try newer things.

    Me? Oh I'm 23 (Turned that yesterday!) I like both group and 1x1 RP's with all elements. I'm very versatile and enjoy all walks of life.

    Hope to see you all around the site!
  2. gr8 mig8tion
  3. Hello Iwaku, welcome to Ikari!

    No... wait, that's not right...

    Hello Ikari, welcome to Iwaku!
  4. Hm, sounds like me.

    Myspace, to Chatango, to RPG xD

    >.> About 4 years ago.

    Are you my clone? o.O
  5. There could be a chance... If that's the case hello my clone!
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  6. Lol greetings, and welcome to Iwaku.

    Also, were you around Myspace RP when "the Don" was a thing?
  7. I do believe so lol.
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  8. Ah, the good old days.