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  1. I'm new here hoping to role play, but roaming the seemingly endless navigational options here, it seems there are a lot going on and i have no clue where what is other then that certain areas are for certain things, but I was hoping for a down to earth style futuristic type role play if any exist. I can do fantasy elements, though just saying that it happens because of "magic" will annoy me, because even magic in essence is energy with a distinct polarity and frequency that acts and behaves outside of the known spectrum, but can be explained. Personally, when I run a character, I try to imagine what that character is going through, it's behaviors and quirks, and imagine what it would be most likely to do. If you would wish for details, that would depend on setting as I cannot explain to a wizard how many quarks and molecules are inside its left toe without them thinking I'm totally insane, nor can I tell a scientist the exact amount of magical energy he or she can wield without them questioning me under normal circumstances. Enough of me blabbering on about my idiosyncrasies, Thank you for reading this!
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  3. I read it all right. I had no idea what you were saying for the majority of the paragraph, but I read it. Welcome to the community, Krnon~ :)
  4. Thank you, I did that mainly to separate the sentences.
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  6. Hi Kernon! First of all, I'd like to say welcome to this:
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    I feel for you, in the way that it's confusing at first, but believe me when I say that Iwaku...

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    I'll totally do a role play with you if you want, for starting you up. =3
  7. Well, depending on the role play genre we would pick, it could be interesting.