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  1. HELLO!
    Im a cool guy that simply loves role play and loves to meet people willing to talk to me of course lol. I might be crazy at times and i might be serious at times and i am rarely a normal emotion lol but i say lol a lot. I am rather popular on the inter webs and off the inter webs. And i wish to become a Moderator of this website someday... i mean who would'nt want the ZEUS as a moderator for there website am i right?! if you wish to learn more about me check my profile! :D
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  2. Welcome!
    I'm sure you'll find your niche here.

    You appear to be very creative. I like how your purposely arranged the colors in a semi-random manner; the way they clash reflects the discordant concordance innate in our lives and society.
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  3. What an ambitious god! O___O

    Welcome to the site, Zeus! :D
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  4. THANKS! Glad to be here! :D
  5. What kind of roleplays do you enjoy Zeus?literate-level?
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  6. THANKS!
  8. That seems rather out of character for the hedonistic king of the heavens.
    Oh well. Enjoy your stay!
  9. well because i have a specific name does not mean that i am trully that who i say i am. ''Tho one has a name it does not display character, it is merely a title to carry.''
  10. So you're not a god then?
  11. Simply a Title i am given by the people who follow
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  12. I specialize in Thunder Magic/Power, thats what i mainly learned from my many senseis.
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  13. Hey! Welcome to Iwaku!, If you can spend awful amounts of time here and aren't a donkey-hole....
    By that I mean spend a couple hundred years here, without getting banned

    You'll become a Mod in no time! Then sort of just, Modify things....
    And I'm a little curious as to why who's trolling you is trolling you.*Glare**Glance*
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  14. Most of us who came here through the recent and ongoing Great Migration hang out in a Skype chat, and therein someone mentioned discovering the post rating system. Comrade Zed, being a little rash and a bit of a shitbag at times, decided to make use of it here. We've all textually slapped him upside the head for being a turd, so hopefully he'll cut it out. If not, oh well, it's on his head alone, let the reports fly and may the staff give him a solid backhand for his troubles.

    Also, while I'm here, welcome to the site Zeus.
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  15. Hah, Alright then ^_^
    It's his fault if he gets suspended, so, it's best if he gets it together.