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  1. Well hello there, you who saw this message.
    If you have looked at my profile, I joined this site months ago.
    BUT sad stuff happened in April (my beloved pet died, my grandma died and my best friend got into a huge big fight and almost died...) so I never really had the chance to make a introduction-thread, let alone rp. So yeah here I am, 5 months later making a very belated thread about me.
    So Hi, my name is Yuomi, call me what ever you want except nasty stuff, I do not approve these awful nicknames.
    I am a mystery, just because people think that I am the opposite gender even thou I've stated it in my profile that I am what they least think I am.
    I've role-played for quite some time now and I am really good at making those annoying but really fun characters, I can role-play as any gender, even as a gender-less one. I even sometimes make my own role-plays which can turn out good, but mostly they turn into cray cray and someone dies in the end even thou it's school life.
    I am a really cheerful person I think... I dunno really I would place my bets on the crazy side not the cheerful. OH YEAH. I am 18 year old, I feel really old now because most of the people I meet are either 5, 4, 3 or 2 years younger than me. OLD PERSON RIGHT HERE!
    So if I haven't scared you away already
    Nice to meet you~​
  2. Hallo Yuomi, welcome to the community! :D
  3. Thank you very much Diana^^
  4. That's... alot of world cards being thrown.... death here, death there.... It's very understandable to not be on a site under such circumstances, it's a delicate topic.
    And yes, while IIIIII "Prince Knight God Ser K of Iwaku and the Universe" am younger than you are, I'm pretty sure the majority of menbers are like 20+ years of age... this is a mature site....*glances at every participaint of the insanity thread*.... MATURE!

    Happy Play rolling!
  5. Well at least that's some variation, since most of the other sites I am used to are filled with one-liner younglings. And yeah April was the darkest month of the year this year^^" Oho so you're yet another youngling, good luck growing up, it's not going to be easy and treasure the awesome moments of being a teenager |D Mostly because the life of being adult really is a bummer.

    Yepp I'll do my best in rolling playing~
    Thank you for the welcome btw Ser K+^^
  6. Hello and Welcome Yuomi :D

    *Reads over big paragraphy thingy*


    Sounds like some tuff times luv, glad to have you here safe, sound, and partly sane. (Don't worry I'm 19 now, syou aren't the old one anymore ;P)

    Hope you find a great bunch of lads and ladies to kill imaginary school children with!
  7. Dang! Well props for sticking to it! If you would like to join a casual RP to get back in the swing of things let me know!
  8. Being a kid was better, from what I gathered it simply gets worse with age. I've noted four base futures for myself
    1. I'm rich and depressed/happy.
    2. I'm poor and depressed/happy.
    3. I'm middle classed and single wondering what the heck I want to do.
    4. Or I become smart enough to see life for what it really is.
    Any way, It'll be a heck of a ride. *currently suffering from a 16 percent life crisis.*

    Whatever, it's a weird thing, life, and as much as I want to be a philosophical hippie, I just can't do that on a welcome page.
    And again, welcome to Iwakuuuuu :afro: (rhyme time!)
  9. Thank you very much~
    I wouldn't say I'm sane, I'm just good at acting like I am. :P Oho more old peepz, lovely~
    I hope so too, well at least I hope it's not school children this time, because I prefer it being a lil bit more of the fantasy genre^^

    Sure thank you very much for telling, I might attack you one day with the message, or I might make a role-play myself, if I don't find one that's attractive that is~
  10. Well I'll take the poor from the second and the single wondering from the third and now you have my life story, you've achieved: A round of silent applause. Nah just joking.
    I suffered that life crisis last year I think, when exams were attacking from every way possible and I had to decide my future, somehow. Be a hippie and go around with rainbow coloured clothes, sounds like a wonderful future to have I must say.

    Thank you very much Ser K+
  11. Roger that Yuomi!
  12. Nah, I'm far too proper to be that much of a hippie.... If those plans go awry I'll just become the next Socrates... scratch that... I'll just be an awesome person.
  13. Why not I believe it would suit you pretty good. And why would you want to be a plain ol' awesome person really? That's so mainstream, go do a duckface-selfie, post it online, start a youtube gaming account and the world will know that you're the awesome one. Such mainstream. Why doesn't people want to be just plain ol' fabulous these days?
  14. Fine, I'll be... not a hipster then, sheesh. saying mainstream is so mainstream.
  15. Ikr such mainstream it is to actually utter the word, we'll totally need therapy after this, because we need to cure this before it becomes even worse. To believe I actually uttered the word, I must've been so insane and crazy. I must've been such a jackass.
  16. I'll totally need to douse my powerbrush in honey and get rid of that awful taste the word spewed onto my taste buds.
  17. Sounds like a wonderful idea, I should just go to bed before my brain says even more of these hideous words again, for I do not need them anymore. And this music I'm listening to really doesn't make me even the slight sleepier... I need to change mind of mine before I sit up the whole night, listening to dumpster music and drinking all the water.
  18. Hah, go to sleep, you elder.
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