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Original poster
Sooo! I'm new here. I've been hesitating to sign up here for a while in fear of having less time for my studies (lol). But now I'm here! There's so much text everywhere!! I hope that I'll get used to it soon :'D

SO! Where can I find specific genres? I wanna begin!
Hahhaha hej min frende :D
How r u ;) hehehhe

you can find different roleplay ideas on signup & plotdiscussion and you can also post you own ideas there ^^
If you wanna do one x one then you go to One x one roleplay and then to one x one requests, there you can find people who search for others to roleplay with and you can write a thread where you search for yaoi ^^ (I know you toooo well)
If you want more mature yaoi then you can go to the mature roleplay forum and then in to plot ideas & player requests :9

If you want an explanation in swedish then I can write to you on skype xD hahaha
I understand! Thanks for helping a lost soul! Yaoi, here I come!!
Thats my crazy litle girl :D
^^ hihi
Hi Shappochklack! If you like Yaoi, then you and I are going to be very good friends I think :D
Hi there, Shappo, it's good to meet you.
I'm Kitti, by the way, and welcome to Iwaku.
Our genres are broken down on the "In Character" level.
The signup section has all the genre's together, though you can determine which genre the signup is for by a prefix.

If you need any help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask.
Happy playing~
Hello Miss Lady Ma'am! Welcome to the community! :D
Welcome to Iwaku Shappo, I'm October nice to meet you. Your name is fun to say. It kinda reminds me of the sounds they used to use in the old Batman show to describe the sounds in the fight scenes.


Glad you decided to join! If you need anything don't hesitate to ask.
Hi October! :D I got the name from an old russian cartoon but your description sounds way cooler! Nice to meet you :)
I have no idea how to pronounce your username. Therefore, it is awesome~

Welcome to the forums.

As a by the way - it's pronounced almost like this: "sharp-oh-clack"
Hi Shappo, I'm Ozzie! Nice to meet you. Your avatar makes me giggle.
Nice to meet you Ozzie! Yours is quite something too~