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  1. Hi there.
    I'm new to the site as you can all guess, just joined about an hour ago and this is my first time joining forums, mostly because they intimidate me a bit, but that doesn't mean it's my first time roleplaying; been doing it for a few years actually.
    I prefer one-on-one role-plays, since it's the kind of play I'm used to, but hey, if the story is good then there's no reason not to give the groups a chance, right?
    My favorite genres are fantasy and romance, and I love stories that can make me cry (I love crying over fiction, I know, I'm weird).
    There are many other genres that I like...mostly all of them really, because as long as the story is good I'm interested.
    Also, I WILL make grammar and spelling mistakes, and I'm sorry about that, but I also WILL try my best not to make them in the first place, and I think I'm a pretty decent writer, so hopefully I won't make many of them.

    And well...that's it I guess.

    Here's me hoping to meet new people and write many awesome stories. :tongue:
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! I was just like you! I lurked for basically a month because I was intimidated. I still am sometimes, but people on here are really friendly! Feel free to message me whenever ^.^ I will gladly roleplay with you or just talk.
  3. Hello Potato~ I joined like a week or so ago. I like romance roleplays too, and pretty much everything else except Yaoi and Mechas. It's nice to meet you ^^. I hope you won't be all that intimidated by everyone on here. They're all really nice.
  4. i know how you feel! and i dont like fandom and history types.
    HEY CRONA! her soul looks good can i eat it?
  5. Ah yes, I noticed how friendly everyone is here, one of the reasons why I finally joined (I'd been lurking around the site and reading other people's posts to see how things were before I lost some of my fear).
    I'm still slightly afraid to go immediately join some of the RPs, and won't start one of my own because, well, at the moment I'm a bit drained of ideas D:
    But thanks for your offer and I say the same to you; if you ever find yourself without anyone to write to, i'm open for new ideas and have quite a lot of free time in my hands :)
  6. No Ragnarok...Don't eat her soul...yet xD
    jk jk
  7. give me ur free type then :P throw some fresh new ideas at us :) but post it at role play talk
  8. Wow o.o
    Never expected to have more than one person answer to this XD
    Those two are some of the genres I dislike as well, although if I'm really bored and desperate...
    There was this one time my RP partner had just stopped answering to our RPs entirely and I went as far as writing a whole yaoi smut for her just to get responses. She made me more than ten in one day, and not one liners either.
    So I guess the sacrifice was worth it?
  9. sound like it
    sorry just geting into the moment :)
    any ways you can post random ideas on roleplay talk and see who likes it, or message me or crona.
    *looks at crona*
    TALK Xp
  10. If I come up with something good I'll be sure to :)
    ...I think I like it here already XD
  11. Good good :)
    *whispers in cronas ear*
    can i still eat her soul?

    Any ways :) Hurry up and post :D
  12. I'm sorry Dx. My power blinked off and I had to wait for my mom to finish with the laptop to get back on since the computers were taking forever to get back on. plus my dad was waking up and he hates it when I'm on his computer.

    And nooooo. You can't eat her soul. No eating human souls!
  13. but shes a potato :(
    ~we gota stop this convo or we willl get intouble again XD~
    and potato ask us if you have a question
  14. -in whiny kid's voice- I don't wanna get in trouble again.... =3=
  15. um, why would you get in trouble?
    And Ragnarok you seem like a very active writer, you've tried to get in in about half the RPs of the forum, or at least half of the ones I've checked XD
  16. XD we got intruble becuase me and crona keeped talking on Gens thread(he was new yesterday)
    and we kinda got off topic, then back in, then off again
  17. we talked too much in one thread meant for introducing a new member. And I'm active everyday too. I'm in a lot of roleplays. I even made my own which could use a few more characters. Otherwise I'll just add them myself.
  18. Hi Fredrick XD
    Well, you guys know what I like now, but what do YOU guys like?
    Also where are you guys from? I'd like to have an idea about time zone differences (I'm not a stalker I swear) <:D
  19. I've been craving romance roleplays -_-. I swear I don't know why. And I live in Oregon.