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  1. The name's Dara. I'm a female, of course. I just turned 21,this year. I'm brand new to this site, never been on it before. However, I do adore RPing. I'm up for almost anything. I enjoy both, but often do 1x1's. Anything else, feel free to ask me.
  2. Welcome tot be Madness xD.

    Please enjoy your stay, be part of many interesting& twisted stories ^^
  3. Thank you! I will do my best to engage in some. ;)
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  4. Hello!
  5. Hiiii Dara! :D Welcome to the community!
  6. Welcome! giphy-1.gif
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  7. Welcome Dara! I just recently came back on board for some roleplay.
    If you're looking for a 1x1, please pm me, I will be glad to play!
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome! :D