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  1. Hello, guys! My name is Calvin. I am an avid roleplayer... even if there are still things I need to improve on. I've been on a few other RP forums, but I plan on making this one my permanent forum.

    I am a gamer, so I'm interested in those sorts of topics, but I am also a bit of a furry. Nothing too crazy, I think they look pretty cute.
  2. Whispers in the dark corners .. I see, I see ..:3

    Welcome to the Madness, where nothing is what it seems in here. Be ware of the flying marshmallows, the Black Bunnnies. Do not Feed them !!@.@

    Enjoy your stay ~
  3. Howdy Calvin, welcome to the site! :D
  4. Hey there. Names Domeki Sato. Welcome to Iwaku...Hope you can handle insanity. tumblr_lzc2ozEDvw1r6o85wo1_500.gif