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Hey I'm not new to the whole roleplaying thing. I love and enjoy it. But I'm mostly here to check out the website set up and see if I can get more nibbles towards my roleplay ideas. There are different people in every forum, I'll have luck eventually. Then plan to settle in more and make friends. I'm always up for random chatter, you can PM me or email me. I'm friendly and don't bite.

I'm usually on roleplayerguild as my main rp forum, but that's mostly cause I love the set up. It's not easy finding someone into the same things as I am. LOL

As for rp themes\topics I enjoy: Ancient societies, horror, love, drama, anime, crazy offbeat love pairings, end of the world (favorite), mecha, ect.

I'm very adaptable and will do almost any anime. :)

So please be nice.

Btw, you can call me FJ or Jojo.
Hi Jojo and welcome to the site! :D Hopefully we have a good easy to use setup here also.
Hell, Jojo, and welcome to Iwaku.
I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.
We have a variety of roleplays here, and you can always start your own!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Our sections have fairly simple labels, but I'll note that General is a lovely place to post in between roleplaying.
Have fun~
Welcome to Iwaku, Jojo. I'm October, nice to meet ya *Bows in a knightly manner*

Always up for random chatter you say? Come say hello in the Cbox.
I love you now just for having that avatar.<3
-Snuggles the newbie anf gives him lots and lots of poisoned candy.-
Your avatar is amazing. I love the anime;. I have it and enjoy it quite often.
But yes, back to business.
Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here. People are very nice and welcoming.
If you need a friend, please feel free to add me here or on roleplayerguild. I have the same name both there and here.
Danceing around in circles like the genreally mad man he is, Cyanide stops suddenly and bows. "I am Cyanide, King of the Bunny Revolution, but you may call me Ceddy, everyone does!"
Hi Jojo! You've picked a great site to check out. Iwaku is definitely my favorite out of any RP forum I've checked out. There are all kinds of roleplays and roleplayers here, so I'm sure you'll find someone whose tastes mesh with yours.

I'm Ossochanter, but you can call me Ozzie. Ditto to you on PMing me! Oh, and if you like horror, you should take a look at my RP, Penumbra. You can click the banner in my signature to check it out.
haha thx for the many warm welcomes! I'm enjoying the site quite a bit. I'm still getting used to it, but I've already found an rp and some people with the same interests. <3
That's great to hear! Hope to see you around.