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  1. Hiii everyone! You can call me Sea!

    I've never RPed before but I've been writing short stories/poetry etc. for over ten years know and I would like to broaden my horizons! I'm hoping to find someone who could help show me the way and I think for now I'd prefer just to do onexone RPs. Plus, I'm home alone all day while my wife is at work and it would be nice to have some friends outside of my own mind.

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  2. NEW FLESH!!@.@

    Welcome to the Madness, Sea ~. Please enjoy your stay here, be part of many interesting stories ^^

    And no worries, we don't Bite,
    Much that is .. He he xD
  3. Hey Hey Hey *Waves*
  4. Hallo Sea, welcome to the community! :D
  5. Hello hello Sea, welcome to world of Iwaku :D
    Enjoy your stay here