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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Dova, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Hi I'm kinda new to rp-ing I've only been doing it for mayby a month now I'm hoping rping will help me be a better writer and I'm willing to rp most genra's
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  2. Well whats up! Welcome to Iwaku.
  3. Thanks nothing much is up for me I'm looking for an rp buuuut I'm nervous ;-;
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  4. Really? Well it's normal .Well if you need a RP pal let me know anytime.
  5. Heh, thanks I will :-)
    Like ur natsu profile pic btw
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  6. Yo!
    Welcome to Iwaku c:

    Well-- not really welcome since you joined a month or so ago-- but still-
    Welcome to Iwaku :DD

  7. 1. I joined not even an hour ago
  8. Thanks
  9. Hey whats up we can rp if you want
  10. Hey welcome to Iwaku.
  11. OMG !!@.@

    New FLESH! Like suuuuuper new ^^

    Well don't worry in here they are plenty people who can help you at the very beginning :3

    Don't be shy, we don't bite ..much >:)

    Enjoy your stay in the madness.~
  12. Greetings Dova! Welcome to the site!
  13. Hey there sir and welcome to Iwaku. Hope your having fun here and make new friends<3
    *hugs* :3
    If you want to RP let me know, im always up for new RP partners.
    Have fun and good luck!
  14. Hey welcome!~
    I am new too, first day. So if you wanna chat and start an RP we can be nervous and new together. *giggles*
  15. Hello Hello, Soul here.
    Welcome to Iwaku, hope you enjoy your stay here ^-^
    If you want a random RP to join look on the 1x1's there are usually a lot open