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I am a college student just looking for something to do on the side of doing homework so i don't lose my mind :). I have not really ever done role playing so this is new to me, but i have always wanted to role play. I think I kinda of do with some friends of mine by passing a notebook between us writing our character's stories....I don;t know if that counts though. I would love to participate in many new stories with new people. I am open to pretty much any story so please contact me if you need another character in the role plays going on, I look forward to working with you to weave and create a new world with you!
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Hi and welcome to Iwaku :) Everyone is really friendly here and won't mind helping you with any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to send me a pm if you would like a roleplay partner or just a pal to help make Iwaku less big and scary. Well I do hope you enjoy your stay here on this island of cyberspace. I look forward to the possibility of being in a roleplay alongside you.

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Welcome to Iwaku, Safria. Role-play is an awesome way to take a break from the stresses of school and homework! Glad you decided to join the site. Forum RP is very much like what you described in your intro, more or less. I am sure you will find your niche here and fit right in! So check out the site and all the cool stuffs we have to offer and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Welcome to the forum!
Sweet! Roleplay newbies are fun! >:D

I've always use roleplay as thereby! XD It's also tons of fun! You can look in the "Jump In" forum to get an idea of how it works and join in to something right away!
Welcome to Iwaku, Safria!
Roleplaying is a lot like passing that notebook between people here!
I'm Kitti, by the by, and it's nice to meet you.
If you want to get to know some of the members outside of roleplays, too, the General section is a super place to do that! You can check out cool threads like this one about how you'd like to be remembered!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you all for making me feel welcome and at ease here on iwaku. I feel at home here already i can not wait to get started on a role play or two idk however many you do here... :) Scott Pilgrim i would love to possibly role play with you in the future. I can't wait to get started! Again thank you all for the warm welcome!
You have chosen the Mistlyn avatar in my collection of slapped together avatars. You have class, indeed. >:3
That's always good to have someone that's in college. I would suggest reading some roleplays so you can get the idea of roleplaying. Message me if you have any questions. What you wrote in your books are like roleplays but this is a bit different. Welcome to Iwaku and enjoy your stay.
Hello. I'm new too. *Bows*
Pretty much what you said about the notebook passing is what I've been doing with my friends since 6th grade. XD I actually just has a nostalgia heart-attack after reading that. "OMG ME TOO" moment. If you want to practice, or just randomly start one, let me know. I freaking love RPing.
Hey! Welcome to Iwaku! I love newbies by the way~ x3

I'm open to RP any time~! So Shoot my a PM or message on my page! I promise I'm friendly and have had experience in RP. ^^ Glad to have you here!