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  1. Hi I'm new to the forums. Although I'm not new to rp I AM new to the forum format. I don't know how to begin, nice to meet you and have patience with me.

    Thanks a lot! and nice to meet you all.
  2. Welcome ^^

    Enjoy your stay please ..:) take your time around here as they are plenty sections to look in xD

    I'm sure something will stir your interest. Best option if you're confused a bit, go to the Jump in Section.
  3. Thanks! I'll get to that.
  4. Hiiii Victroria! :D Welcome to the site!
  5. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  6. Thanks guys, I hope so too. :3
  7. Greeting Victoria, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, welcome to the fold and enjoy yourself :)
  8. Thanks! I intend to.