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  1. Hello, one and all! :huge:

    I love roleplaying, and love to create RPs for others to partake in as well. I have been to some factions that which accepts RP'ers, such as ReignofBlood (which was not so much a creative support-site and more like a bully system). So, why did I change my mind to quit one site to join Iwaku? This site seems heavily based on RPs, and is not judgemental on any flaws a roleplayer has in his/her writing.

    I am excited to be a new member of this site, and I hope I can meet people who would wish to RP with me in the certain future.

    Now, about me...

    Even though I am still reading the first book, I am struck infatuated with the Game of Throne's series. I haven't watch the TV's adaptation, since I dislike how HBO runs certain shows in a pattern of sex, gore, wash, rinse, and repeat. But yet, I might give it a shot.

    Two words of geek novelty can describe me brilliantly: Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! I have been a big fan of the two franchises since I was a wee little lad, and have been collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards since I was six. I'm eighteen, now. And for Pokemon, if you ever look at my Nintendo 3DS's history, it'll be tied with either Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (ANOTHER beautiful game franchise) and Pokemon X. And I cannot wait for Pokemon: Omega Sapphire to be released.

    My roleplaying style varies on the time of day. One day I would be in the mood for romance, and then another day I would have a mood for some hack-and-slash-warrior-fighting battle royale (okay, MAYBE not that, but you get my gist). It'll be interesting to try new things, join into new genres that I've never participated before, and learn from them.

    I am up for any RP offered, even 1x1s and message RPs as well! Anyone could just give me a holler and I will gladly accept.

    Well, that's that. :heartbeat: Too-da-loo, fellow RP'ers!
  2. *takes a bow* Greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  3. yay! a big pokemon and KH fan! welcome!!!
  4. Howdy Cynthalia! :D Welcome to the community!
  5. Thank you C92cool, Luna Valentine, and Diana. Your warm welcomes are appreciated! :)
  6. Fantastic! Welcome! I am a Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon fan as well! I worked hard on my Pokemon X and got my team the way I want them. ;D

    You will have a blast here! Have fun and good luck. There are many amazing Roleplays out there.