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  1. Hi everyone i just joined and to let you know I've role-played for about 5 years now so i can pretty much write anything that comes to mind so don't be afraid to ask me to join or something
  2. Hi there and welcome! :D Check out our Signups forum to browse plots, or you can jump in to any RP labled "Jump In" in the forum categories without having to write up a bio. Most of them have information posted in the Signup forum too.
  3. But can you write the things that don't come to mind? That is the question, my dear boy.
  4. Question of the century! What if they don't come to hand, or never reach the tip of your tongue?
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Lilmirage. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  6. :D Welcome to the site. I'm usually open for any one on one rps.
  7. If you can write what is not on my mind I will be most impressed.

    Welcome to Iwaku.
  8. Hello and welcome to Iwaku.
    We have lots of different roleplays here for you to look through and find one that suits your tastes, just look through roleplay signups.
    My name is Kitti and if you have any questions, please ask.
  9. You are well-received, youngling!

    Do not be alarmed by our warmness, we are truly SATAN'S HENCHMEN.

    In reality, you're in good hands. Nice to e-meet you, and have fun!