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  1. Hiya, I'm new to this site. I was invited to join a group on here by a friend, and it looks like this place is pretty awesome, so I plan on sticking around.

    So, some basics about myself, I suppose. I answer to Lady, and I also answer to Tobi. Mind you, both are nicknames. You can call me whatever you like, though, I'm not very fussy. As far as gender goes, that's a bit complicated. I'm gender fluid, so whatever you feel comfortable referring to me as is just dandy. Art is something I really enjoy, so if I ever get really into a RP, it's likely I'll draw out reaction images to go with my posts. As my username suggests, I am VERY fond of The Legend of Zelda. I've played and beaten all of the games... except for A Link Between Worlds. I plan on playing that soon, however. Can't let my fan reputation be tarnished, haha.

    While the Zelda series is my favourite series, my favourite game is Phantasy Star IV. So... don't hesitate to come geek out with me over that, or even roleplay something set in the same universe. Monster hunting would be fun!

    Ummm. Hm. I also write in my spare time, scroll around tumblr, sing, play ocarina, sew, knit, cook, read, paint, etc. If it can be considered art, you can safely assume it's something I do. Art is my personal addiction. I also cosplay, which is really fun. Roleplaying and LARPing is great >u<
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Lady ^^
    Hope you find some other nice little stories to join ;)
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome!
  4. Welcome to the community Lady Tobi! :D
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Lady!
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Not open for further replies.