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  1. Redi here, and Hopefully I am ready to go do some roleplaying.
  2. HI REDI! :D We're happy to have you as part of the community! Welcome! <3
  3. Thanks Diana, I love your cute lil owls picture. How do i get started on joining an adventure? I used the ultimate character guide to make a role play character but have no idea where to go or if it needs to be given a thumbs up by someone.
  4. Well, Iwaku hosts many many many different kinds of roleplays and settings! So you just search through the Genre sections, or the section or your choice and look for a roleplay that appeals to you! Many roleplays will have you design a charrie for that setting, or you can find a setting that works with the charrie you made!
  5. Sounds simple enough. Is there a way I may show you my character so I can have your opinion on where he should be put?
  6. [​IMG]

    Glad to have you here Redi!​
  7. Hello Redi. Love the Avatar Image.

    Dark Souls FTW!!!!!
  8. I love Medieval and Dark Souls has proven worthy to be my most favorite game yet. Now where is the add friend button so I may add you lol.
  9. That Avatar sure is Nito.

  10. I am new...So I don't know where the friend button is lol
  11. Welcome, Redigox, surely you will find rp here for there is much of it.
  12. As Bloodmoon says, Seek those infernal RPs and your squell shall be answered :D
    Welcome to Iwaku though, hope you find an RP that suits your character ^^
  13. Who doesn't like Dark Souls. XD

    Anyhow.. Welcome to the Iwa forums, Redi.

    Enjoy your stay and have fun. Friend button is in the profile of the one you want to befriend or by clicking his avi you should have a small profile card pop up. I hope that helps.

    Oh wait. nvm. I dont know where it is. I guess " Follow " is you " befriending " someone.
  14. My god, too many dark souls fans I must follow now xD.
  15. Hello,Welcome and here's hope you like that site as much as I do :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.