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  1. I'm not the best at introductions but I know that they are a necessity, so here goes nothing. Hi, I'm Elle. The reason I chose this username is because it is part of my actual name, GabriELLE. I'm a 23 year old female who is not new to role-playing. I figured I would check this site out because it looked promising and it's always good to try new places, in my opinion.

    I'm a bit antisocial and can be shy, so please don't let that be anything to make you less likely to approach me. I eventually warm up to people.

    I'm a huge lover of fantasy, with dragons being my favorite mythological creature with phoenixes and unicorns coming in close second. I can be a bit of a nerd, but that's okay. I like various animes and video games. At the moment, I've been obsessed with the anime called Fairy Tail.

    I have a bird named Memory who means the world to me. A great way to get me talking is to mention my bird, dragons, history, etc.
  2. Hello Human. I am Ghost, Dead, New to this place as well, so I guess we all welcome you here!

    Also, I have a kitten :3
  3. Is it the kitten in your picture? :3
  4. Yes, her name Is Pie

    Or Kitten
  5. Funny, we have a cat named Pie and a cat named Kitten too. O_O

    Anyway, welcome to the site, Elle! 8D
  6. She's a cutie, Ghost.

    Mar; Hello!

    Diana; *tries not to faint at the presence of an admin* Thank you~
  7. Welcome to the site!!

    Hope you have tons of fun!
  8. Thank you very much! I'm hoping so! :3
  9. <3 *leaves love*