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  1. Uh. Hey.

    The name's Haunter and I'm here for the roleplay obviously.
    Well that and to make some friends.
    Can't have too many friends and roleplay in my book.

    But yeah.
    If any of you want to talk or roleplay or anything.
    Don't be afraid to message me

    I don't bite....hard.....
  2. Hello and welcome to Iwaku! I wish you tons of fun here. :3

    Oh, and please don't bite me. >.>
  3. Thanks for the welcome~!

    And....No promises on the no biting.... >:3
  4. *Backs away* o.o
  5. Welcome to Hell! I mean.....welcome to Iwaku! I'm just kidding. This is a pretty nice place to role play and hang out.
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  6. If you bite me, you'll get sick and have to go to the pokedoctor! 8D Welcome to the community Haunter!