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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lawkheart, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, My names Jazzlyn. I love role playing and I've been doing so for three years now. Although I'm a newbie to this site, I hope I can just jump right into the roleplaysor even have anyone join ones I start. I typically do more mature role plays, like MasterxSlave. Although I don't really think of it in a sexual sense. I also love Yaoi roleplay's and vampire role plays. I usually come up with creative Idea's for groups and I'm not scarred to go outside the box.

    So.... yeah... thats about it :wink:
  2. Hi, I'm Vay, the rpsupport global. For mature RPs talk to Diana or Myrnodyn, though elanora and jinx (Xnijmai read his name backwards) might be into the D/S theme.

  3. Thanks, I'll ask them about joining my new group.
  4. Howdy, Lawk! Welcome to Iwaku. Hope you enjoy your stay here, and find plenty of folk to befriend and RP with.

    Which I'm sure you will. We got folk from all sorts of RP-walks.
  5. Welcome to the Iwaku, Lawk. ^^
  6. Hey! Thanks for the welcome Loveless :)
  7. MON AMIEE!!!