Hello =^.^=

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  1. Hiya!!

    I'm a semi experienced roleplayer. Started out on a manga forum and then went on form there to new playing fields till i ended up here :D

    Im weak to cute and cuddly stuff.
    Love nightcore.

    ice cream and games go well together....i mean video games that is o-o

    And cats are awesome...=^.^=

    Nice to meet you folks *bows*
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  2. Cats are awesome, no doubt.

    Welcome to Iwaku :D
  3. Thank you! =^.^=
  4. Kitties and cute & cuddly stuff are awesome. ^^ I'm pretty sure most everyone here agrees. :) You ought to fit in just great.
    If you have any questions that seem too awkward or stupid to ask out loud, feel free to PM me. If I don't know the answer, I'll help you find it. ^^
  5. Thanks!
    No questions at the moment just looking around to see where the rp's i generally fall for are hidden ^^; this kitty is a bit shy when new at a forum
  6. I too love kitties! Too much for I am surrounded by endless kittens! T____T

    Welcome to the Community, Silvir! <3
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  7. Twinsies twinsies!

    I also like anime, cute things, ice cream, and videogames! We should be friends!

    What kinds of videogames do you like? Personally I'm partial to adventure roleplaying games like Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and the Tales Of series, but I like multiplayer party games like Mario Kart, Kirby's Air Ride, Super Smash Bros., and Guitar Hero, too!
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  8. Thanks ^^
    @-@ like this.. my cat hates this video it seems XD

    Friends is good ~=^.^=~

    Half life for ever \*-*/

    I missed the zelda hype (i only had a Ps1) so i never got caught think i played two of the games T__T
    Final fantasy i have played and Tales of im thinking of picking up since i got a PS3 a while ago but never bought many games for >.<

    I am a bit mixed on game preferences i often get caught if i like the story. Valkyrie chronicles, Crash bandicott (ugh last name is probably a fail),
    But also halo i love the story :D
    And Dead space
    Oh and lets not forget Anna and also Amnesia since horror games scares me to death but i can't stay away from them ^^;
    Yeah i play a little of everything :)
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  9. Oh my god, I remember Crash Bandicoot! I had The Wrath of Cortex(?) for PS2 when I was a kid. Man, I spent so many hours on that...
  10. I had...wait i still have the old Crash bandicoot 2 Cortex strikes back :D

    Kuu best thing i like is hearing the old PS1 Sony start up. And then starting that old game ^.^
  11. My PS1 was the shit. I loved that sucker. I had that Scooby Doo Cyber Chase game... man, so many memories... such shitty graphics!
  12. Tales Of are great if you like a game with a strong story. The gameplay is VERY straightforward though; it's almost more like a visual novel. If you just got a PS3, get Graces; the newest one Xillia is not half as good as Tales of Graces. I think you can also play Tales of Vesperia on ps3, but I'm not certain
  13. hmmm i think i saw tales of vesperia in the store a few days ago
    i shall have a look next time i am in town :D
    >.< and then there is the economy to....console games are not cheap TT_____TT
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  14. @Silvir I know what you mean D: Deefinately gotta prioritize. I have peers (early twenties middle class kids) who think I'm lame now cause I'm 23 and I spend what used to be gaming money on toothpaste and healthy groceries instead of living on ramen to afford games and merch O.O
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  15. Ehehehe when ever i get a job with good pay i tend to go on a shopping spree on things ^^
    <.< my parents think im lame because i don't party enough. THAT's the reason why they want me to go to a university -w-

    but but i think those graphics are charming 0w0
    Now that I am done ranting, Hi, I'm wildpelt! I'm so glad to see another cat lover, if that has gotten to your attention. I'm curious, do you do 1x1's rps? Maybe groups?
  17. Im more into Group roleplays than OnexOnes due to bad self confidence and im not very good with adding to the core of the story im better at filling out the extras around it ^^
  18. If you don't feel good with that, I'm more than willing to one on one with you! ^^ if you want to, we could do something with cats or fantasy! ^^ I have a dragon one if interested!
  19. Ahahah im hesitant to a One on One to much focus in my direction >w<
    But if you need people for a group role play i don't mind joining ^^'
  20. I'll get you the link!