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  1. Hiya. I'm new to Iwakuroleplaying and I'm telepathic and this username is mine and my 8th dimensional bro Tiuke. ^'^ say Hi Tiuke...Tiuke? DUDE?! *goes to get him*

    Tiuke: Hello every-pony...I mean everyone *scroff and swears aloud* First of all do any of you beilve in telepathy? Secondly. Luke and I came from gaiaonline and our onmi-everything coven the "Black Moon Cafe" can be found there. *looms into someone creepily* "Are your charis are real...And the Cafes," *is censored because only Luke doesn't know if swearing allowed on this site. <'< >'> there are two Cafes, one being the RP Cafe which mention the first; the omni-everything one. O.O seeya around *huanting voice*
  2. Thank you we've never been called “Twi“ b4.
  3. Forgive, I'm a simple guy with the attention span of a goldfish and forgot what the first part of your name was and I was being too lazy to look.
  4. No, no it's fine!