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  1. Some things about me.

    What I prefer to be called : Artix, but you can csll me Art.

    Gender? : Male.

    How old are you? : Well, I'm an angel, so technically I'm immortal.

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying? : Yes. I've roleplayed before.

    Group RPs or Single Partner? : I'd prefer to play with a partner, but I have no problem doing a group RP.

    Do you like stomping on crunchy leaves? : I...guess?

    Songs tormenting my mind?: Good Time (Kids Bop version).

    Thanks for reading! ~Artix
  2. Hey there Artix and welcome to Iwaku! :) I know we already met in the cbox but I thought I'd still say hi here as well.
  3. Hey-oh, @Artix! I'm Levusti, but you can call me Lev!

    Welcome to Iwaku! We're a SUPER friendly roleplaying community with roleplayers from all around the world living all different walks of life!

    Be sure to check the Iwaku Terms of Service and Rules! Don't forget the FAQ if you have any questions!

    When you're ready to start, go by the Roleplay Forums to see anything that catches your eye! If you want to hone your wordcraft, try a few exercises in the Institute!

    If you have any questions about navigating the website or the system we use here in Iwaku, feel free to drop me or any others a message. If we can't answer it, I'm sure we'd be happy to direct you to someone who can!

    Have fun!