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  1. I am re-introducing meself as the rambunctious YUUKA~!

    I love my role players I have met and if I spam your rerp with love, this means that I really love you~!

    I've no intent to make any enemies around here.
    In the case I do say something rude or otherwise offensive, please call me out on it.
    On Iwaku, I haven't had much luck as far as gaining players for my games. From my recent charades, I consider it a blessing if I succeed in making friends.
    I always give others a chance if they mess up; you'd have to do the same thing a million times before I give up~!

    I am originally, Icechateau777, Yukari*Novia, Kaguya, Zathura Endou (after the lovely Aya Endou, one of my favorite seiyuus), Nuein (after trying to disguise myself, damn it).

    Now, I revert to the awesome YUUKA from R.P.A.
    If you saw my character, I'd be bruised from some places that just didn't like me for who I was.
    I am a huge supporter of LGBT rights; humans are humans.

    As aforementioned, I may not be the best role player when it comes to shaving out stress. I have Aspergers, which makes it difficult for me to concentrate sometimes. Also, I am sixteen, and a female.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku and thank you for your support. I'm you friendly neighborhood transman.

    Anyways, hope to see you on the roleplay forms!
  3. I think I'll be going to a fresh new start from here~!

    As Zathura, I came on terrible days; now, this is a haven, along with my other RP homes~!
  4. What other roleplay places have you been to? I could name one that I had a very bad name at.
  5. RPA, sfroleplay (which as a fetish role play--where I was kicked out for stupid reasons), and now a forum called Ocean Oasis (which I made myself)
  6. You got kicked out of your own site?
  7. No; Ocean Oasis was the one I made. It's as silent as a white room.
    sfroleplay was the one I got kicked out of for "being smart". It all started in a manor role play, and when I played as two busty chicks, she confrinted me, so I changed the style to make it fit. However, I overthought of the phrase, "The fun about role playing is to role play with others." Therefore, I sent PMs about their whereabouts (it was a freeforum thing, so they don't have the nifty stuff Iwaku or RPA has).

    The GM was pissed and sent me a message to step down from the role play.
    Even if I did send requests to play, the dude who manned the stuff sounded like an idiot. He was 1) there once a week or not there for a month, 2) He loved girls sneezing (which was where I learned how to type out sneezes, hence playing out allergies easier), 3) it was like a small village, and 4) after the ban, he shunned away from me altogether, no matter HOW many times I said "sorry".
  8. But I am a good person, sometimes I am merely misunderstood.
  9. I think you worry too much about image. I am sure I have made myself an ass to some people on here, but meh. Life is mainly how you take it. Iwaku is quite a bit more laid back.