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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Eleanor and I'm new to the site! You're welcomed to nickname me Lenore, Elea, Elis or any other nickname you're capable of inventing.

    I'm fourteen years old, and I have been roleplaying for about ten months now. My main favorite genres are romance and fantasy. I don't do horror, and I don't write paragraphs of boring, meaningless posts for roleplay.

    This is it, drop by and say hi!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Eleanor! Glad to see that you found your way to Iwaku! I hope you enjoy your time here.

    Feel free to hop in the Chat and hang out whenever - there are usually quite a few folks in there. I see you've already posted a little in some other forums, but just in case, a good starting point for most RPers is the Jump-in Section where you can join a roleplay without a signup sheet and just get right into the action. More in-depth roleplays can be found in the Global Signups & Plot List, usually requiring a bit more depth with the characters but also offering much more detailed stories.

    And for some touch-up, refreshers, self-improvement, and a bit of higher learning, there is the Roleplay Institute which has workshops and exercises and threads for you to request help.

    Anyway, welcome again! Feel free to let me, or anyone else know if you need help with anything!
  3. welcome to Iwaku! There is a Roleplay Institute on the forms I think you'll enjoy.
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  4. Welcome! *cookies*

    Like LogicfromLogic said, sounds like you'd have fun in the three Content forums; looking forward to seeing you there!