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  1. Hello everyone.

    I quite enjoy the look and feel if this forum. I have been directed here by an old friend. I miss roleplaying, and unfortunately recent attempts to dive back in haven't been so successful, and so, I am here!

    I look forward to making new friends here, as well as a much needed RP reboot in life.

    Ahh, please no rat jokes ;n; thank you
  2. Hai~ Welcome to Iwaku! Feel free to have at Diana's cookie supply, Im sure she wont mind in the slightest...
  3. Why thank you! I think I shall, kukuku.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, a wonderful land of methodical madness and anarchic organization! Obviously you have already been offered cookies, so if you need anything I always have good advice and freshly baked Pies, in a multitude of flavors!