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  1. I'm Alysa (or Alisa, or Alice) and yes, that's my real name.
    26 years old history teacher at high school.

    Found this wonderful message board and decided to join.
    Actually I have joined couple of days ago, but haven't post anything yet. So here's my newbie thread.

    I prefer fantasy, steampunk, adventure or post-apocalyptic settings but if the story is good anything can suit me.

    Me and my sister were always up for good roleplay since very childhood, so maybe I'll convince her to join as well.

    Beside roleplays I like Classic Rock, some blues, jazz, folk, watching sports or movies and going camping with friends.

    Thanks in advance for wonderful time I will spent on this board (I'm sure it will be so)

    And if you have any questions, will be glad to answer.

  2. Welcome, Alysa. That's a very dangerous-looking picture, and all the more lovely for that. I also hope that your time here will be very enjoyable.
  3. Thank you very much Aigilas :)
    Don't let my picture frighten you ^_^