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  1. Well it's kind of difficult to think of something to say so, im going to just namesome of my like's and fact's about me.
    • I am of the Male gender.
    • I'm not new to role playing, but i'm not the best either (you know what I mean.)
    • I like to watch Anime (yes yes I know, there are hater's out there but oh well.)
    • I like to be mysterious
    • I'm shy around new people
    • I just like to have fun in general.
    So that's basically me, if you want to know anything else i'll have to trust you enough to tell you, unless it's something "easy" anyway's, I suppose thats it so, thank's I guess.
  2. Welcome, Nioxl. I read your profile, very dramatic, and I'd say dramatic is a good thing where stories are being woven. Enjoy your stay.
  3. Hi! welcome to Iwaku~
    What's your favorite anime? I really like anime, too!
  4. You know wahts fun? :D
    Welcome to Iwaku pal!
    Like waht you see?? ;D you should try swinging around over to the chatbox(but seriously that like for the steam)
    Come get a new chum and Enjoy the cookies~
  5. Thank you Aigilas I try to be, as for you Sakura I would have to say Code Geass, or Soul Eater. And as for you Ms_Wrong, I don't think I even have to say what I think about that ;) lol.