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I've been combing the internet for a place I could do what I had always enjoyed doing. I used to Roleplay all the time but stopped about five years ago. Iv tried to find Roleplaying site but nothing I find is exactly what I want. I love fansty and magical I dont do any modern stuff with guns. Mostly swords and staffs. I miss role playing and hope you guys will welcome me. I hope i can find a board to start on because Iv looked around and cant find anything :c
You've come to the right place. Welcome to the site.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku Rin, I am Shadow Ike leader of Silverwing wolf pack

Well if you have any questions at all just ask and may be able to help you.

WELCOME!!!!!!! You see what we got here, fantasy, DnD, we got it all, your search is over. Though you should seriously consider some of the non-fantasy rps we have too, some don't have a gun in sight and if you don't find what you want you can make one! If you need help just ask the staff (me included).
I stopped about the same as you and wandered far and wide to find a decent group of people and a good site to revive the passion. This is a good one and the people are really helpful and damn good writers.
I hope Iwaku is the place that can help re-inspire you roleplay passion! Welcome. >:D
Lucky for you, our fantasy board has quite a few flights of fancy in that nature!
Welcome to Iwaku and please do look around, we've got lots of promising roleplays that I hope tickle your fancy.
I'm Kitti, by the by, and it's nice to meet you. Don't hesitate to ask me anything you need to know.