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I am Sjuzhet. I am an old hat at play by post role playing and have come from the depths of Internet Hell in search of something new after a few years of nothing. In that time my writing has stagnated, my creativity has left, and my passion for what once was has fled. I wish to rekindle that passion here. However, I am not so good at interaction with other people when out of character. I tend to be overly judgemental of myself and will often join something and then immediately abandon it.

I do not want to do that here. Instead I want to reclaim my glory days and become involved in what was once more than just a hobby to look back at intermittently. I am a fan of tabletop gaming and have gone from DnD to Palladium to GURPS. My good friend Doug is partly responsible for my new resurgence into the forum RP scene and I hope to find a pleasant base of operations here on IW.

Now, as per the large suggestion at the top of my screen, I suppose I should add the Résumé. If anyone wishes to ask anything of me, feel free to. I am better at answering questions than asking them.

Kidnappable?: I don't mind at all.
Playing Habits: On average I am free forever. Sometimes life may get in the way, but otherwise I am around 24/7
Gender You Prefer Playing: Male. Attempted female once, it didn't pan out.
Favorite Genres: All genres, really, I am willing to give anything that strikes my fancy a go.
Genre You DON'T Like: Domestic. I hate, hate, HATE domestic doldrums. Give me an epic battle any day.
Playing Style: Both, depending on the RP and the character(s) involved.
Plot Candies: A menacing villain, a hero or group of heroes, tragedy, sweeping battles, gods descended to earth, and other such things. Epic is my cup of tea.
Character Stereotypes: The villain, the badass, or the anti-hero.
Character No-Gos: Any character played well can be appealing.
Welcome to the site.
Hi! Glad you chose us to help get you back in to roleplaying. >:D Don't be so hard on yourself for stuff, it's all for the good fun, yes? Welcome to Iwaku!
Oh my gosh, I love to play villains. I've been dying for a game focusing on bad guys and unfortunately, the ones I've joined have died... So if you ever get the itch for some plotting, by all means, hit me up.

You'll have fun here, no doubt about it. Myself and others are here to help you out if needed. :3
October: Thank you.

Torsty: Thank you.

Diana: It's a sore point I have a tough time getting past. Other sites I have been lurking inefficiently on for years sapped away my strength worse than I had initially thought. IW looks promising, so much so that I find myself filled with a new found hope. It is like peeking over a new horizon.

Fluffy: Let me just say that the last big RP I was involved in ended up with my guy blowing up a planet's moon just to make a point that the heroes stood no chance of defeating him. I took the fall in the end, of course. No one wants the bad guy to win. It's better if he comes back for revenge.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku het, I am leader of Silverwing wolf pack, you have chosen right for the RP site.

Well if you have any questions at all feel free to ask and I would be glad to help. *runs off*
I will keep you in mind if any questions arise.
You shouldn't forget me either. Vay: projects, rp support and writing challenges mod at your service.
Hmm, literate and willing to be kidnapped. My friend, I believe that you and I will get along famously.
I'm Kitti (clearly) and it's a real pleasure to meet you. I hope we can reinvigorate your creativity.
Welcome to Iwaku!

(I've no real aspirations to even pretending to be vain, so feel free to forget me if this greeting inundates you with too many people. You'll be seeing me around.)
Welcome to the forum. I'm one of the admins, so if you ever need anything feel free to PM me.
Kitti: Feel free to pester me. I do enjoy being swamped at times, it makes me feel important.

Rory: If ever I need help, I will.
yo man. Don't forget to mention the two new characters we're workin' with, we should try to see if we can't infuse them into a good game around here.

I should also mention here that Sjuzhet and I often work in tandem with our ideas, so often times a lot of our ideas will be influenced by each other.
You have a point there, Herr Dougler. Yes, we do often collaborate on our RPs. For the most part we will be RPing in tandem. Doug here even has a huge universe he's been building for a while. One day, maybe, that will make its way here. Perhaps when we have gotten a bit more settled and familiar with the site and its inhabitants.

As for characters, we're toying about with a duo consisting of Dutch trader and a Chinese sword for hire. Period RPs are what we're looking for at the moment, though modern and even futuristic can easily be covered.

Oh, and Doug, we should revive that one we started a while back. It'd be fun to play a Chaos Mage again.
you mean the AngelHeart/Ravenheart one?

haha, it would be fun to play as Lucien again......
Ah yes, Fkaexk's insane Frenchman of an assistant, chief inventor of Things-Best-Left-Unknown to guard the halls of his strange and maddening Citadel of Chaos. I think the denizens of this new world would enjoy them.

And I did just revamp the mad Battle Magus. This would be the perfect time to take him for a test run. Airships included, of course. Beside that, we barely delved into that world.
I have the feeling we've stumbled upon a secret cult the talks only in riddles.
you'll understand once we start some games up here.
Ah yes, Doug, you were always the better hand at diverting curiosity.