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It's been years since I did any online roleplaying. Used to be a huge fanatic of it and writing has always been a great outlet for me. Recently I have gotten back into writing short stories for the amusement of my friends and a chance encounter while playing DoW 2 with TheNeverThere led me to this site.

I look forward to delving back into online roleplaying. My city doesn't have a decent fan based for Dark Heresy and would love to play more of that since it was the 40k series that dragged me back into reading and writing. I also enjoy fantasy based and used to have a knack for the details of magical endeavours.

Sleepless night here so I'm going to fool around with the profile features and the like. Any suggestions, hints or tips would be welcome.
WELCOME TO THE IWAKU, xmelesiox! :3
Any friend of Mabu is always welcome here. *gives Mabu cookies* >> <<

Anyway, :3 you shall enjoy it here at Iwaku... if not...well then... GET THE HELL OFF MAH LAWN errr I mean... SITE! >>;
But I think you will be fine! ^___^ *gives cupcakes*
And if you ever want to Rp sometime, feel free to message me. :D

Anywho... *tips hat* Good day! ^_^
Welcome to the site.
Never played a lot of Dark Heresy, but a Rogue Trader fan I am.

Welcome to Iwaku, pal. I'm the Scottish one. Have a good one.
I refuse to get off lawns. That's just in my nature. But thank you for the welcome.


I have to go out and get Rogue Trader soon. When I quit spending my extra money on video games.
Hio and welcome to the Iwaku I am your Wolf companion Shadow Ike and if you have any questions just ask… Er well not just your companion but I am to everyone here lols.
You know, the funnest character I ever played in a online roleplay scenario was a wolf. Nice to meet you.
Good to see you finally made it to Iwaku, Melesio! I was planning on bugging you about it if you hadn't shown by the enxt time we warred together. Anywho, here on Iwaku, you'll probably see people refer to someone named Mabu. This is me. It's from my original username. Oh, and if you go into the Groups section, look up Table-Top Tyrants. I think you'll like it.

On a side note, the funnest character I ever played in an RP was a tree.
Funniest character I've ever played was a Changeling convinced he geniunely was the Goblin King from Labryinth.

Meant I got to act like David Bowie all the time. Lulz were had.
Hi there! Glad to see you chose Iwaku for your roleplay comeback needs. >:D There's lots of good choices on plots, so I hope you can find something that wets your appetite.
Never: If we don't get to war again soon I'm going to throw a fit. I'll check out table-top tyrants right now, but I gotta ask, how do you play a tree? Was it an apple tree? A great oak?

Grumpy: Changelings rock. I had fun with them as Blue and Red between my best friend and I. Two psychotic changelings who tended to talk in circles and riddles.

Diana: Your little guy creeps me out. Thanks for the welcome and you guys do have a very wide plot selection. It's a pretty cool site with some really entertaining reading to be done.
Diana! Stop creeping out my minions...I mean my recruits... <.< >.>

I played a Treant. Don't know what a Treant is? Think Ent. Don't know what an Ent is? Think a tall tree that gets up and walks around an hits things with fists the size of garbage cans.
... I know what a treant is. But that's not the same as playing a tree. That's playing a treant.
Ah, sounds great! I sure hope you'll be able to engage in awesome roleplaying here at Iwaku! :D
On the way~ let me know when you have any questions, concerns or need any kind of help getting started on something :D
I'm always here to help! =]