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Hello everyone.

My name is Dylan. I found this site on accident. A non-active member on a forum I frequent was displayed in the birthday section. I clicked his name, and a link to this site was in his profile.

I have been role-playing for 4 years. Normally I am preferable to smaller RP sites, so I am taking a leap by joining this one.

I look forward to meeting you all.
Hey Dylan! XD We're not small, but we're not too big either... :D I like to think we hover around in the "just right" area!

I hope you find some nice roleplays to get in to. >:3 We've got many.
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to Iwaku, now grab a beer and siddown, it's gonna be a Wild Ride

*Hands Dylan a beer*
Why hello there fresh one. Greetings from Vay, roleplay support mod and answerer of questions at your eternal dis-service. I see I have no need to point you towards the Resumes since you already have that well in hand. I will of course be available for further assistance as required and the cort is only the effort put into asking the question.

Keep your head down, theres Iwakuans about.
Hello Dylan!! I do hope you enjoy your time here, I guess I always figured this place to be small but that's me!
I'm sure you will fit in just fine. :]]

Welcome to Iwaku!
Thank you everyone. I'm looking over the many plots you offer, it's quite a variety. I'm impressed. I'm still getting used to the site, it seems very detailed.

I'm Rory, one of the old farts of the forum. Enjoy your stay, eat some cheesecake, and...Uh...Something, something, something.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku, you will find Sector 1 on your right. A level 3 warning is now in effect in Sector 1. Please avoid traveling alone and remain armed. Stay alert to your surroundings at all times.

*walks off into the shadows*
*Staples a 'Vote for Darkness' poster on Vay's face*

Grumpy here, welcome to Iwaku. Insanity has been proven to make your brain shrink if you stay there too long, just as a pointer.

Enjoy your stay and stuff.
Welcome Dylan, to the happiest place on the net! Grab a chair, steal some de~lic~ious cake and try not to let them smell your fear.

I'm no mod, and at the moment I'm a bit too tipsy to remember anything important about iwaku, but feel free to pm me if you ever need someone to brainstorm/bounce ideas off of.
Hmmm~ I don't usually go around welcoming newbies, but since I'm already here, might as well warmly welcome you to Iwaku.

Welcome, and don't let us quirky and weird members scare you off. They're sort of nice once you... anyways, they're sort of nice. XDl
Welcome to Iwaku! :DD
If you ever need any help, have any questions or need to voice any concerns, contact meee :]