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  1. Hello, I am Johnsum., or Joy. Either or. I answer to both ^~^ I am not a roleplaying newb, though I am a newb to this site so please bare with me. I do tend to like to make things pretty c: And add emoticons. I presume I am semi literate, posting about three hundred words with limited errors lovelies. And this is what I like:
    Small roleplays(one on ones, limited group roleplays)
    Post apocalyptic worlds
    Paranormal Fantasy
    Assassin x Target
    Hostage x Kidnapper
    Original Plots

  2. Hi there. n3n Welcome to iwaku hit me up for a roleplay if you get bored. o.o
  3. Hey, I recongize you from CS!
    Hello, and welcome to Iwaku! 8D
  4. Hello ^^ I'm not a role-playing newb either, but I like your taste in role-playing though.I'm just new around here and trying to get around.