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  1. Hello everyone.
    I've been roleplaying for years now. I'm very literate, and a total otaku. I love anime, I draw it, watch it, and imagine my roleplays as anime. Not to mention, I bring many anime like elements into them. I only do one on one chat roleplay, mostly using the chat client Trillian. I have a slightly unique way of roleplaying and I'm looking for someone who is an addict and willing to learn a bit of a new style of roleplay. Basically, I'm looking for a roleplay buddy. I can do any genre but I tend to stay away from strictly realistic. I can play boys and girls and I'm very flexible.
    It's nice to be here, I hope someone is interested in trying to rp with me. Thanks!
  2. Hello and welcome to Iwaku!! You sound like me on the imagining role plays as anime! Usually it's my short stories I imagine though. I have yet to have the experience of a one-on-one. What is your rp style like? I'm a pretty active online person. I extend a role play buddy invitation to you! :D
  3. Hello! Nice to meet you. :) Actually my rp style is pretty laid back. Not too many strict rules, just some ground rules that almost always apply, if you can even call them rules, haha.
    I use my own slightly unique system (I think) and as long as you're creative with a good sense of humor and open mind, I'd love to rp with you :D Also, you should know I'm one of those people who can't do anything with out a touch of light romance. NOTHING mature though. Nothing like that xD But I'd love to teach you if you like about 1 on 1 or let you get a taste of it. :)

    P.s. also be warned I am very hum...xD let's just say it's my addiction. I'm very hardcore into it.
  4. I most certainly am! That isn't to bad, considering I enjoy a little romance sprinkled on almost anything as well. As long as it can be twisted and not follow a completely stereotypical romance type I like it. Also, I am very big on doing original ideas. All of my characters I use anywhere are my originals. For role plays I can do verses but I have to know whatever verse it's in, but I would prefer an original idea. I think back now and I have done one before- only one though- so I may not be too bad. I would like to see some of your role play style though. I'm the kind of person who likes to test the waters before diving in. :3

    Well then! I consider myself a VA or anime music otaku. I have the openings and endings for every anime I've ever watched at least half way through. Listing would be kind of hard to do lol Do you have any specific fandoms or are you just all for anime in general?
  5. That'd be fine i'd be willing to test out with you. :) and yes, i usually do originals. Following preset stories and things is insane. I love vocaloids, and I'm really into japanese music.
    Well I cannot watch any depressing or sad ending anime's. But really, I love any happy upbeat stories. As long as a story recovers from a short sad dip I'm fine haha. When we start chatting, I'll explain more of my system :)
  6. That would be much appreciated since it was a while ago when I last did the one-on-one. Let me know when you're available so we can get to know each other a little more. :D
  7. I'm available almost any time today. But if you don't mind, could we talk on the chat client Trillian?
  8. Yeah, sure! No problem.
  9. Great! :) the sign up is super simple like email user and pass and that's all. When you do, just message me :)
  10. *Shakes the Literate out of Windi!*

    There, with that out of the way, welcome to the community! <3 We love having creative people get involved! I look forward to stalking some of your rps. >:3
  11. Ooooh~! You like Vocaloid? And chat-rp'ing? *highfives*
    I would like very much to RP with you sometime!
  12. First, thank you for the warm welcome!

    Awesome! Great to hear, I'd love to give roleplaying with you a try! Sorry, I haven't been on iwaku for a while now. Just shoot me a message and we can try out!