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yo ppl wats up, im anonymous and i love ICP
I find two of their songs bearable. More into the truth if metal myself. But thats beside the point which is this:

I am Vay your lord and master less friendly face of your roleplay support team. Any questions you may send to me will be answered with all due promptness.

Your first question may be: "I made my intro thread, that it right?"

And the answer: No, well maybe, its would be helpfull if you made a Roleplayer's Resume so we know a little about you.

Such a cute little mouse.
*looks at Vay* So, apprently... *looks at newbie* You are now a mouse...
And! mice like cupcakes! <3 *hands cupcake*
WELCOME to The IWAKU! <33333333333
*snuggles on mouse-newbie*
Welcome to the site.
hello and welcome to the Iwaku

*walks off into the shadows*
I hate ICP! D:<

...okay, I like one or two songs... But that's it! You'll never take me alive!

Interesting name though! XD Welcome to the site!

not sure if 4chan.

*forgoes the secret handshake and dissapears down a manhole*
*fills the manhole with a every space marine's worst nightmare KILLER TYRANID WASPS!!!!!!!!!!*