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  1. Hey, there! Some of you might know me from Figment.com or I might be the only one from there (not sure yet), but I am stopping by to say hello. Um...I really love to RP, it consumes my life when I cannot write. PRPs are better because you don't have that void when someone leaves like you do when someone leaves in the middle of a group RP. I'm not really a great literate role-player. I am trying though. I don't know what else you need to know... but I must go now. I'll leave more about me in my bio..maybe..
  2. Welcome to Iwaku. I hope you like this site as much as I do ^-^ If you wanna role-play sometime, just pm me
  3. I would love to! I am unsure of how to create a roleplay here, though. :/ It's a little confusing.
  4. Yup, I know it is. If you want to post something just go to the button that says "Forum" and scroll down. There you will see fantasy, modern sci-fi and several others. Just click the name and post. I am still confused by somethings as well, so all is well ^-^
  5. Welcome to Iwaku. I think you'll love it here! :) Enjoy your stay!