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  1. Hello everyone~. I'm Eira, I have been role playing for nearly 8 years now and have enjoyed several kinds of role playing worlds. I was just browsing through sites for new sites to role play on and found this one, thinking that it sounded like a great place to join. I am your everyday 20y.o. who is always seeking out new things to do to and try. I'm currently not in school anymore, just searching for a job now so that I may live closer to my desired school.

    I have enjoyed role playing since I started, but please be patient with me, I tend to have a lot of writers' block due to constant stress and tiredness from everyday activities as well as home studying (currently studying Korean as of right now and improving on my mathematics). But do not worry I make it a goal to reply at least 5 times during the week if I'm super busy.

    A Little More About Me:
    I have loved singing and music since I was pretty much born. So have any recommendations on music that you think I might like then tell me.
    I am also in love with Korea, no not just because of the music, but because I love the culture and country itself.
    I'm an extremely friendly person, but sometimes you'll probably feel like I'm mothering you, it's just who I am to everyone I meet.
    Lover of Fashion.
    I am a Gemini and I will say that there are two different personalities, but nothing bad of course.
    In a relationship, but it's complicated.

    Wanna talk or role play, just message me any time.
    If I forgot to mention anything else about myself, believe me you'll find out soon enough.
    Thanks for reading.