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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Silver Winters, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone!!! I am new to this website (not necessarily role-playing though) and wanted to let you all know that I am open to talking to people. Feel free to ask me to join any role-play, I really do like it. ^^
    So hello once again and thanks for reading. :foxhappy:

    Shadow Reaver
  2. Hiya, Shadow Reaver! Is there something I can call you for short? Eh, I'll figure that out I guess. But I figure your input is best here. Anyway...Nice to meet you! I hope to get to know you more soon~ Both in and out of RP, depending on if we get to do one together. I avoid groups, so...May or may not happen.

    Also...Cute little foxy-smiley is cute o3o

  3. Ohman, I remember the red foxes from my days of actually using IMs. =D

    Welcome to Iwaku dear!
  4. @Juneberry A few people just call me Rin for short so its okay if you would like yo do that. :) It is very nice to meet you also and I look forward to getting to know you ^^ I actually don't mind one on one RPs so maybe we can do that some time. :D

    @Cosmos Thank you! ^^

    Shadow Reaver
  5. Welcome to iwaku! Hope you have lots-o-fun. <n.n^
  6. Hello, nice to see someone else joined. Hope you have a great day with a yummy plate of food or even better, two plates of food!! :)