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  1. Hello there everyone, i am going to introduce myself here. My name is Hikaru , female, and i am from the Philippines.

    Characters that i like to roleplay myself are the sweet types, silent types, noble and cold personality types. I don't like to roleplay the ones that are clumsy and ditzy.

    The genres that are like to roleplay are romance, fantasy and magical because i just love those kind of stories, just don't make them too cliche because i don't like them if they're too cliche.

    I am almost online everyday and i hope to get some roleplay invites here at this site.

    I am here on this site to enhance my skills at roleplaying and meet new people and friends here.

    Nice to meet you all~!!
  2. Hello, Hikaru! Welcome to Iwaku.

    If you want extra help improving your writing, seek out a mentor in the Roleplay Academy forum. There's loads of cool people willing to help or stake out the OOC forums to see who is looking for partners, you never know. Good luck, :).
  3. Thank you very much! Your advice was very helpful to me and i'll try it! :)