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  1. Hello all!

    My name's Duffy (well, it isn't, not really, but for the purpose teh interwebz it is!), I came here from an affiliate site called Althanas.

    The challenges and workshops enticed me for vignette and quick witted thinking exercise in between writing on Althanas. Maybe one or two people will catch my eye here, too, for a bit of one on one or engrossing fantasy group writing - who knows? :cool:

    I'm used to 'one player per account' so undoubtedly everything I do will be based around Duffy - a bard/spell singer, genre shifted until my eyes bleed. So if you like music, and you like humour, drop me a PM!

    Thank you to a certain few for being so welcoming so quickly, too :).

    Iwaku is a win in my book already!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Duffy.

    I'm October nice to meet you!
  3. Welcome Duffy! Most players usually change their names on a whim so...it's pretty refreshing to see someone who wants one name =D. It's a pleasure to meet you!