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  1. Hi. My name is Astral, and I'm new here. This is my first thread and I just wanted to say HEY!
  2. Astral projection! That's what your name reminds me of. Have I ever done it? Nope.

    Welcome to Iwaku! :D
  3. Astral projection...well...that's not what I'm named after actually, but it's still pretty cool! XD I'm actually named after the character in Yu-gi-oh! Zexal named Astral. (See the avatar picture X})
  4. *is late to the party*

    Welcome to Iwaku, Astral! I hope you have a fun time here!
  5. /even later.

    Welcome Astral! Oh Yu-gi-oh...I watched it when it first started out, Yugi <3. Anywho, enjoy your stay and happy roleplaying!