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  1. Hi! :) I'm Cordy/Cory whatever you want to call me, haha. Anyway I love the website so far, and will hopefully begin role playing very, very soon! ^_^
  2. Welcome, Cordy : )

    Hope to see you in some threads soon!
  3. Thank you :) And I've already posted so I'm sure you'll see a lot more of me ^_^ Ha.
  4. Hi Cordy! Welcome to Iwaku, :).

    I'm sure you'll get along great here and I'm really glad you're loving the place, =D. You should totally check out our Creative Challenges forum! Staff and members post various topics in there to help others explore their creativity and it's also a great place to throw in some extra practice.

    And if you love art or have an interest in it, then check out this month's art challenge! Anyone can do it with whatever tools they want!

    So go make some new friends and lots of posts, :). Happy RP hunting!